Marry Queen Marry Queen

Marry Queen

Country Czech
Birth Place:



163 cm


20/10/1991 (32 ages)


56 kg

For awhile now, Eastern European babes have been steadily climbing the ranks of World’s Hottest Bitches. Was it all that repressed sexuality behind the Iron Curtain? Or those dark Gothic tales of witches and paganism and feminine sex cults? Or was it simply the laid-back attitude that comes from free-flowing Pilsner beer and massive feasts of meat and potatoes? Whatever the combination of factors, let us introduce you to the Czech Republic’s most recent top export: Marry Queen. This creamy blonde with the sweet eyes and slut mouth may have come from the land of castles and goulash, but she’s since become an international super slut of star proportions. Her big natural tits could cause interference in air traffic control when she goes jet-setting to fuck in exotic locations. Marry Queen does it all, and loves doing it so much that she’s working just as hard as the boners in her vicinity. She sucks cock like an ex-communist getting her first taste at selfishly hogging that dick for herself instead of sharing. She’s equally comfortable taking it up her Slavic snatch as she is taking it down her perfect tight anus hole. Marry also loves to get face-deep in some lesbian sweaty pussy, tonguing around girly holes like those salty juices are the elixir of life. Marry Queen even has her own Fleshlight modeled after her adorable pussy, so you can keep that handy while you wank it to her filthy and depraved fuck flicks on Porngrey.