Elena Koshka Elena Koshka
Birth Place:



182 cm


18/05/1993 (30 ages)


59 kg

Channels Starring Elena Koshka: Vixen Twistys
Elena Koshka is from the United States and was born in Russia in 1996. Before becoming a porn star, Elena lived in Ohio. She found it as boring as most people from Ohio. She decided to move to Los Angeles to get closer to the world of porn. She got into marketing, but even this busy lifestyle wasn't enough for Elena Koshka. So she started shooting. Who can resist a 6-foot curly stunner and a very toned and natural body? She absolutely loves webcams but decides to go a step further and become a porn star. I can't find any information on why Elena became a porn star. Judging by their amazing porn, this is a lot of crazy sex. Elena has built a huge following since she started dabbling in porn. She already has nearly 100,000 followers on social media. Her porn videos have amassed over 200 million views (and that's only on larger porn sites). So, remove the porn that Elena makes everyone very horny. As I said, Elena is 6ft, and she could’ve easily been a catwalk model with her looks. She is a very beautiful woman with a body that will have any man drooling. She is silm but has curves in the best places. Her body is completely natural too. This body has been in over 40 porn flicks so far, but get ready for more. Due to Elena’s undeniable success in the porn world, she is getting a lot of attention from the porn execs, and her fans are demanding more and more porn videos. It is unclear what the future for Elena Koshka holds in the porn business right now. I believe that Elena will keep making teen porn for as long as she can and then melt perfectly into MILF porn and be one of the biggest stars in the porn world for many years. She seems to love her porn work, and everyone else has a hard-on for it too. So, if you are an Elena Koshka fan, get ready to blow your load to Elena even more in the future!
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