Arwen Gold Arwen Gold
Birth Place:



170 cm


27/04/1992 (32 ages)


50 kg

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Arwen Gold is one of those few Russian actresses who have become famous all over the world. She was born August 13, 1987, as many may have guessed by now, in Russia. You can not say that Arwen Gold has a great height - only 164 centimeters, but that's exactly what guys like. At 51 kilograms, the beauty has a stunning figure that many stars might envy, as well as a rather lush size two breasts. Brown-eyed brunette immediately fell in love with the audience, despite the fact that her professional career she began only at age 27. But at that age, the girl was open to everything new, and therefore is now famous for a complete lack of conscience and a huge supply of debauchery, which some porn stars lack. Now Arwen Gold is on the wave of popularity and actively continues her career, because thanks to this she not only earns money, but also a sea of pleasure. For example, as the actress herself admits, she adores gang-bang, which can't be seen in films with her participation, and also the girl does not mind taking several members in the back hole, which, of course, she repeatedly demonstrated in front of the camera and is not going to stop there.
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